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All-in-one Holiday Destination for Everyone


Whether you're looking for great fun, adventure, or water sports, Dwarka Water & Amusement Parks at Saoner Road, Waki, Nagpur, has it all. We started operating in 2015 to provide you with the utmost holiday experience and a great escape from your hectic schedule. You can take advantage of this pleasure and get an unforgettable holiday experience with us.

We aren't restricted to water slides and pools, but we are also a center for amusement parks, adventure sports, entertainment centers, rain dance, kids' amusement centers, etc. There is no better place to experience all this together with other than the Dwarka Water & Amusement Parks.

We have become a pioneer amusement park in Nagpur that has become the first choice for children and adults. We have evolved and added more amazing rides and amusements for a perfect experience with time. This spot is a complete source of happiness and enjoyment, and you will find pure bliss here.

For never-ending thrills and amusement, visit here.

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• Water Park

• Thrill Rides

• Rain Dance

• Amusement Park

• Adventure Sports

• Entertainment center

• Kids amusement center